Customer service charter

Customer service charter

To ensure we deliver the level of service customers expect, WaterNSW has a Customer Service Charter皇冠代理 (PDF 185.6 KB).

皇冠代理The charter outlines service standards and what we need from customers to provide these  services.

The charter is reviewed in consultation with all of the Customer Advisory Groups.

The charter focuses on three key areas of water ordering and delivery:

皇冠代理We strive to ensure that our people and our services are accessible to our customers.

To achieve this we will ensure that we have the appropriate resources to meet our customers’ needs. You can also expect our staff to:

  • Be courteous, helpful and communicate clearly
  • Behave responsibly in accordance with our code of conduct
  • Listen and respond to your requests, and access your property, in an appropriate way
  • Make office hours and contact details accessible

皇冠代理To help us do this we need you to:

  • Provide reasonable access to supply works on your property, in keeping with NSW  Workplace Health and Safety standards
  • Treat our people in a courteous and non-discriminatory manner
  • Provide feedback on our service and contact us when you want more information

皇冠代理We strive to deliver water to our customers on time, through the most efficient and effective means possible, in an environmentally responsible manner.

To achieve this we operate in accordance with our legislative requirements, including our Operating Licence, Water Sharing Plans, Water Management Act 2000 and Water Act 1912.

You can expect:

  • An accessible water-ordering system through either the customer information centre or the Internet Water Accounting System (iWAS)
  • Timely water delivery within the limits of system response times
  • That we will inform you of any water delivery issues
  • Assets that are maintained and fit for service
  • Proactive management for optimal water availability
  • All water releases consider likely environmental impacts

皇冠代理To help us to do this, we need you to adhere to the conditions of your water licence, including:

  • Timely water ordering, in accordance with specified conditions
  • Water meter installations that meet the NSW Water Extraction Monitoring Standards

Maintaining a positive water account balance

We strive to provide clear, concise and accessible information at the appropriate time in an appropriate manner.

To achieve this we will:

  • Regularly  meet with Customer Service Committees in every valley
  • Consult with affected communities on major projects
  • Provide a one-stop customer information service
  • Provide easily accessed information through our internet site and iWAS message board
  • Provide a complaints-handling system that can be easily accessed
  • Survey customers regularly to measure their satisfaction with our services

You can expect:

  • Accurate bills and water information and prompt resolution of any concerns
  • Options for how, where and when you pay us and a willingness to negotiate payment terms if you are experiencing difficulties
  • Confidential use of your personal information in accordance with the law

To help us to  do this, we need you to:

  • Pay your bill on time
  • Contact us if you have difficulty paying your bill


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